2012 Beard-Off

My buddy Van and I started a beard off last year, but started at different areas of bearding, so it the whole competition thing wasn’t really that well regulated.

SO, we decided to give it another run. Both of us started at the same spot, the same length, and determined the rules. Said rules are as follows:

  • Neck beards are a no-no, so those are safe to shave off. Why? They are freaking gross. And they itch. For anyone who has ever had a neck beard, that is a pain in the ass;
  • Mustache trimming is allowed;
  • Professional trimming is allowed if┬ápotential jobs and/or careers are on the line;
  • The overall competition is based on a “who can go the longest without shaving the beard off entirely” principle, though, as mentioned previously, we can only trim when we have an awesome job prospect;
  • Dignity and Pride are the only things on the line. That and bragging rights of who is most manly. Why? Because we are fcuking broke.

This, my friends, marks the beginning of the The Great Beard-Off, 2012 Style!

I’ll post pictures periodically, and try to get Van to as well. But here goes!

Note: I haven’t been this clean shaven in literally….6 years? Notice my pristine baby-face. I hate it. And my chin is cold. So is my face. Effffff!!!

  1. dailyafterthoughts said: i love it! Keep it up dude! and Van!
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