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  • Question: Is your cat's name doctorbatman? I'm confused how the kitty picture wound up in the tag of my user name if that's not the kitty's name. - doctorbatman
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    oh, yeah, my girlfriend is super hooked on “doctor who” right now, and when we were testing names with the new kitten, he responded the most to Batman, so we just tossed them together haha!


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I’ve said it a million times, I’ve been told it a million times, and today, while having my hand gnawed on by my kitten, it’s bullshit.

"Think outside the box”

When I was a child, I had a box. Not just one box, no. I had a fuck-ton of boxes. At first it was literal, utilizing the packaging in which my mom’s new vacuum arrived in for something more. I would escape, as kids do, to far away lands, galaxies, deserted islands, war-torn jungles infested with rabid dinosaurs. I did it all. The box was my vessel, my TARDIS. It was where I would go while my mother cleaned the living room, scrubbed the kitchen, and my dad mowed the lawn, swearing every time a rock kicked up into his shin. That box was whatever I wanted it to be, wherever I wanted it to be, most importantly, anywhere I wanted to go.

That box was made completely dead over 15 years ago, easy. The box, however, cannot be killed, cannot be recycled and cannot rot in any dump. The box is what made me. Early, it developed me, made me think, churned me into an idea machine. And I get it- thinking “outside” the box is a term that encourages one to think outside the parameters of normalcy and the routine. 

But if you were to sit down and really think about the box and what it did for you as a kid, you’d realized that outside the box is the world of the routine- the kitchen cleaners and the lawn mowers, while inside the box, well, is much harder to tell. Inside the box there could be an astronaut, a doctor, an explorer, aliens, dinosaurs, humanoid robots, vampires and monsters of Frankenstein; inside the box is imagination. You do with it whatever you want, whatever you don’t. ‘Tis up to you. 

Next time your boss tells you to think outside the box, I urge you to, nay, DARE you to go get a box, take off your tie or your high-heels, and sit in it for a few minutes. If you fall asleep, though, that’s on you.


I’m watching Serenity

“SO GOOD! Give me a better ending to a great show. I dare you.”

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I’m watching Explorers

“Because I can.”

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This is what happens when big idiots decide to jump into a cup of (cooled) coffee. They get the SINK! #doctorbatman #catsofinstagram (at Snowtown)


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